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Week 1 - September 13th Strange first week with lots of surprising wins.  But no surprise in Fungame!  Lauren often wins the Skins and her tie-breaker beat out three other Fungame Folks.
Week 2 - September 20th Joan's high scoring tie-breaker beat out two others and she takes the Skins.  Website of the week is in her honor. 
Week 3 - September 27th No tie-breaker required.  Peter and Fred take the Skins outright - congratulations guys!
Week 4 - October 4th A six-way tie for first!  Tie breaker did the trick for Mac Murray and he takes the Skins.  Congrats Mac.
Week 5 - October 11th Tom Covert and Kristen were tied going into the Tuesday (!) game, and Tom was closest in the tie-break.  What a high scoring game!
Week 6 - October 18th Joan wins again!  Seven - count  'em - 7 Fungame Folks tied for first  and Joan's tie-breaker put her into 1st.  Congrats, Joan!
Week 7 - October 25th Joan does it again!  Wow!  She beat out her own hubby Tim  with the tiei-breaker.  How do you do it Joan?
Week 8 - November 1st Victoria zips into seasonal 2nd place with this standalone Skins win.  No tie-breaker necessary.
Week 9 - November  8th Three tied with with 12 and long-time Fungame Folk Jack McCleery won with the tie-breaker.  Congratulations Jack!
First Half First half was a hard-fought squeaker.  Many came close and even tied Chung-Wai.  In the end, a three-way tie for Chung-Wai, Joan, and Victoria.  To the tie-breaker and Chung-Wai wins first place.  Congratulations!
Week 10 - November 15th Three people tied for first, and the low scoring game gave the tie-breaker win to Alice.  Congrats Alice!
Week 11 - November 22th Tough week and Taryn wins with Skins straight-out.  No tie-breaker needed.  Congrats Taryn!
Week 12 - November 29th Newcomer Todd Myatt wins the Skins - no tie-breaker necessary.  In the nick of time!  Tomorrow we enter week 13.  Congrats Todd!
Week 13 - December 6th There was a four way tie for first, and Tim broke through with the closest  tie-breaker.  Congrats, Tim!
SurvivorBarbara made it to week 16.  Wow!!
Week 14 - December 14th Fierce competition!  Jim Alexander and Mac tie with the same tie-breaker points.  43. And that's for a game with total points of 89.  Yowsa.  
Week 15 - December 21st Jim Alexander wins another half-Skins and splits with Aussie Terry Hampson.  The tie-breaker total points was 44.  Jim had 45 and Terry had 43.
Week 16 - December 28th Peter and Fred win another Skins with the tie-breaker.  Great going guys!
Week 17 - January 3, 2021Barbara and Tim tied with just one loss, and Barbara was closer to the tie-breaker.  She takes the last Skins of the season.  Congrats Barbara.
Second Half Alice led the whole way and while Barbara got close, ultimately Alice came in 1st, and Barbara came in second. 
Who came in third?  There was a 5-way tie with Chung-Wai, Jed, Lauren, Mac, and Todd.  Going to the tie-breaker, Jed, Lauren and Mac tied for 3rd!!
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